Surgery Services

Bonton Avenue Veterinary Surgery has a preparation room and two operating rooms equipped to perform sterile surgeries using modern equipment. Our surgery patients are admitted in the morning between 8:30 - 9:30 am by one of the veterinarians. It gives you opportunity to express any concern or ask questions in regards to your pet's surgery. 



We utilize the safest possible anaesthetics to provide that extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high risk patients. Using modern equipment the patients vital signs are monitored during all anaesthetic procedures.



We are proud of our new and modern iM3 dental unit that allows us to perform everything from extractions and sectioning teeth to scaling and polishing. Ask about our latest digital dental radiographs at affordable prices. We offer endodontic procedures, which means that teeth do not have to be extracted, for example height reductions and root canals.


Radiographs (X-rays)

Radiography is one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools in veterinary practice. It provides a large amount of information to our veterinarians by non-invasive and economical means.


Soft tissue surgery

We perform procedures such as desexing or neutering, exploratory laporotomies, caesarians, lump removals, biopsies, wound stitch-ups, removal of intestinal foreign bodies, etc.


Orthopaedic surgery

We offer multiple techiniques to repair Cranial cruciate ligament, fracture (broken bone) repair, amputations for severe injuries or bone cancer cases.


Clinical pathology

Our brand new IDEXX in-house blood machine can provide results within minutes and specialized testing may be available in 12-24 hours, or up to 48 hours for biopsy results, depending on the nature of the test being performed.







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